California Nativescapes

Sustainable Native Landscaping, Restoring California One Yard At A Time.

Landscape Design Services

Design Services Hardscape and landscape design specializing in sustainable california Native plant gardens.

Landscape Installation Services

Installation Services Construction design and installation using recycled and reclaimed materials.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services Regular or seasonal maintenance services.

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- California Native Plants
- Construction design and installation using recycled and reclaimed materials
- Greywater Systems
- Pond construction and maintenance
- Nature Photography

Design Services:

Design: Upon initial contact we will schedule an initial meeting at no cost. At this time we will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires for your landscape. We will evaluate with you what you would like to keep, replace or remove. We will measure the area, and determine what types of features you want included in your garden design. We will then collect half of the design fee at this time or when you are ready to proceed.

Design presentation: Upon the completion of the design we will meet you to present the design with a plant list and estimate of the project cost. At this time we will discuss and make note of any changes or requests you might have.

Final design: We will take what we talked about in our design presentation and come up with a final design. We will make copies of our final design and present you with it. With final estimate and plant list. Upon completion of the design we will collect the second half of the design fee.

Consultation or Garden Coaching: If you are an independent hands-on gardener we are happy to work with you and coach you to a better garden.

Consultation Fee: $200/hr.

California Nativescapes Design Services

Remodeling and Home Design