California Nativescapes

Sustainable Native Landscaping, Restoring California One Yard At A Time.

Landscape Design Services

Design Services Hardscape and landscape design specializing in sustainable california Native plant gardens.

Landscape Installation Services

Installation Services Construction design and installation using recycled and reclaimed materials.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services Regular or seasonal maintenance services.

Contractor License #944670


- California Native Plants
- Construction design and installation using recycled and reclaimed materials
- Greywater Systems
- Pond construction and maintenance
- Nature Photography

Maintenance Services:

Maintenance Services are performed by our team of skilled professionals to assist you in maintaining a well manicured garden. We provide Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Service. We do not use any gas powered equipment or harmful chemicals. We do use electronic blowers, hedgers, etc. However we can also accommodate requests to do only manual maintenance (i.e. no blower). Maintenance generally includes: clean up, pruning, tree trimming, irrigation check & fix, adjustments to timer, management of edible gardens (from seed to harvest) and weed pulling.

We are not a mow and blow service. We can manage meadows and lawns, but we are not a lawn mowing service.

Maintenance Fee
Labor: $100.00 per man hour


Remodeling and Home Design